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Pull up a seat at the island and join me for…

….what’s happening in the kitchen this week.

Betty’s Porcupine Balls

Betty’s Porcupine Balls

These porcupine balls smell great while they’er bubbling away on the stovetop and taste even better when you sit down to eat them. Serve them right out of the skillet on the table and you’re good to go. I love skillet meals, don’t you?

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Kansas City Steak Soup

Kansas City Steak Soup

 Aloha Dreams    Fabulous Recipes, Cooking for a Crowd, & Dream Home Design Sign-up for Fabulous Recipes! HOME STIR IT UP EXPLORE SAY YES! AHONUI PARTY Better than Plaza III Steak Soup Have you ever been to Kansas City and eaten at...

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Betsy’s Christmas Clam Chowder

Betsy’s Christmas Clam Chowder

Mom used to tell stories of her relatives from Maine having Oyster Stew for Christmas Eve. I like the idea of annual traditions, it helps tie generations together. I do not like the idea of oyster stew. This offers a nice compromise.

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Red Hot Rose Apples

Red Hot Rose Apples

These apple roses are fabulous! Every time I serve them, folks are wowed. And they have no idea how easy they are – until they ask for the recipe and try them. You’ll want to too!

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GJ’s Huli Huli Chicken

GJ’s Huli Huli Chicken

If it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you’re in luck. And you gotta try this! He sets up on Thursdays at the Hawi Welcome Center parking lot in Waimea. If you’re downwind, they’re very easy to find!

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Designing & Building a Dream Home

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Aloha Dreams

Welcome to Aloha Dreams!

I'm so glad you dropped by.  I'm Betsy.  Here you'll find my favorite fabulous, trusted recipes - everything from delicious, quick meals for your family to wonderful classics made easy.

I'm also here to help you with large group recipes from 20 to 200.  So next opportunity you get to cook for a large group - Say 'Yes!'  Then relax. I've got your back.

Ever wished you could build your dream home? How about building your dream home in a tropical paradise?  Join me, room by room, as we design and build a fabulous dream home in Hawaii!

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If you're planning a vacation to Hawaii, I've got you covered on the very best places to go!   From many amazing restaurants to incredible adventures in the surf and on land, this is your go-to source for unique and exciting things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Or just take a Virtual Vacation!!    Let's go!


If you've been asked to cook for a large group activity, be it a Girl's Camp or a Graduation Party, say Yes!  I'm here to help.  From Menus to Game Plans to Recipes, I'll help you keep on schedule and turn out amazingly delicious food if you're cooking for a crowd!  My recipes are tested and trusted.    Let's cook! 


Ever wished you could build your dream home?  Like amazing house design and home building ideas?  Me too!  Join me as I design and build a home on the Big Island of Hawaii. Follow along while I design each room. Enjoy a front row seat for the entire amazing construction process.  Let's play!


Would you like to throw a Luau, but not sure where to start?   Want to know how to build a tiki bar and roast a pig?  Here's everything you need to have a luau.  How about a Christmas Feast or even a fabulous dinner for your neighborhood supper club?  You've come to the right place.    Let's party!

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